E-Lights Sunset Dimming

Imagine a room where you can change from general downlighting to beautiful warm mood lighting in an instant. The E-LIGHTZ SL40SD is a perfect downlight for general room lighting situations, but also where mood lighting is a priority.  As you dim the light, its colour emulates that of the sun going down, the dimmer it goes the warmer and softer the glow.

Combined with its high quality CRI rating (colour rendering index) – reflecting colours more naturally, you have excellent mood lighting when you need it.

SUNSET DIMMING – As product is dimmed down the colour temperature changes smoothly from 3000k down to 2000k creating a warm ambient light.

INSULATION SAFE – Insulation safely wraps over D-LIGHTZ – tested and approved

NO HEAT LOSS – Stops chimney effect heat loss from room

SCB & HCB = 0 – Can be used in any room in any position

DIMMABLE DRIVER – Standard dimming

Dimming driver is compatible with most universal and trailing edge dimmers
– refer to installation sheet

This product can be used to replace any traditional downlight up to 75W

Colour temp 3000k – 2000k
Type Downlight
Dimming Yes – CCT change with dimming
Dimensions 130mm x 40mm
Min hole depth 37mm
Driver (included) SL300D
Driver covered No
LED power 10.8W
Luminaire Power 13.4W
Efficacy 52 L/W
PF 0.96