A wide variety of LED strip is available from Firefly Light & Design for applications such as cove lighting, under stairs and benchtops and discrete decorative lighting. LED strip comes in many forms including waterproof and coloured variations – Wattages range from 4.8 watts / metre up to 26 watts / metre, and are generally dimmable, to ensure you get the light level you desire.

For a neat tailored look aluminium extrusions with opaque diffusers are available to provide a simple housing for the strip either surface mounted or fitted into a rebate. This is particularly useful under shelves / cabinetry, and anywhere that the LED strip is vulnerable to knocks or water.

We  can source LED strip from a number of high quality LED suppliers to get the perfect solution for your situation at a competitive price.

Benefits of LED Strip:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Low operating temperature of  LED can be beneficial in heat sensitive locations such as wine cellars or display fridges.
  • LED strip is available in a variety of colour temperatures (‘warm’ coloured light through to ‘cool’) to suit your particular requirements – You can even have colour changing LED strip to change the ambience in your space.
  • High wattage LED strip can be as bright , or even brighter than fluorescent strip of the same length, making it a great alternative, particularly in locations where maintenance of Fluorescent tubes can be difficult (e.g. small coves or elevated locations).
  • No UV radiation emitted.
  • Can provide continuous ‘lines’ of light up to 25 metres long (dependant on wattage)
  • Waterproof LED strip is available for use in wet locations
Devonport Chocolates - Lighting & Interior design by Firefly

LED Strip light used under shelving to highlight product


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