Sunflower by David Trubridge



Sunflower is a wall light shade that can be mounted over an existing wall sconce. It is a sculptural geometric form based on David’s inspection and love of the patterns found in nature. This is the first kitset wall shade by David Trubridge, bringing a whole raft of new lighting installation possibilities.

Note that this is sold as a kitset SHADE ONLY, lighting components are sold separately – For guidance on what light source to use please give us a call.

Th Sunflower light shade comes in two sizes:

600mm Diametre / 130mm deep

900mm Diametre / 180mm deep


Finishes available:

Natural Bamboo, Caramel Bamboo;

White Paint (two sides), Black Paint (two sides);

Natural Bamboo (on one side) with choice of Orange, Red, Aqua, Lime, Blue, Pink, Black or White. Paint colours are commonly faced on the interior of light shade.




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