Dog Collars by Level 42 Design – Woven Chain

Hand crafted in New Zealand by Juliet Brennan of Level 42 Design, these are dog collars with a difference. The Woven Chain design comes in a variety of colour combinations with coloured chain integrated into the structure of the collar.

  •  Internal webbing core providing additional strength, flexibility and stretch reduction of external leather
  • Durable Buckle and D Ring
  • Heavy duty UV resistant polyester thread, providing additional stretch reduction of external leather.
  • One year warranty on product deemed faulty


“About 20 years ago I bought a beautiful and expensive pedigree boxer dog. She was a gorgeous red with stunning lines. However, I couldn’t find a dog collar that matched her beauty and showed how proud I was to have her – This is when the idea formulated to start a dog collar business. Design and make collars that are not average and express an owners love and pride for their dog.”       

Juliet Brennan – Level 42 Design      

3 – L42 Woven Chain Collar, 40mm, Colour: ELECTRIC BLUE/PURPLE, Size: 37-42cm  –  $139

6 – L42 Woven Chain Collar, 50mm, Colour:  RED/RED, Size:  37-42cm  –  $139

2 – L42 Woven Chain Collar, 50mm, Colour:  RED/GOLD, Size:  42-47cm  –  $174

1 – L42 Woven Chain Collar, 50mm, Colour:  BLACK/BLACK, Size:  42-47cm  –  $174

7 – L42 Woven Chain Collar, 50mm, Colour:  BLACK/COPPER, Size:  37-42cm  –  $139


Sizing guide (neck diametre):

Labrador / German shepherd   46 – 60cm

Golden Retriever    45-53cm

Labradoodle    41 – 50cm

Boxer    41 – 56cm

Border Collie    36 – 46cm

Corgi    36 – 41cm

Cocker Spaniel    30 – 46cm

Fox Terrier / Jack Russell    25 – 40cm

Toy Poodle / Shih Tzu    20 – 35cm